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Tips on How To Apply and Keep Your Fragrances Fresh!

Posted by Krystel on

As a fragrance lover, I have learned over the years the best ways to apply my favorite scents so that it can last long and smell better than ever! I will begin with my favorite choice…

Moisturize Then Spray: Apply lotion right after your shower and then put on your fragrance. This is to be done right after your shower since your pores will still be open from the steam of the hot water. The fragrance and lotion will absorb into your skin and allow your fragrance to stand out all day!

Apply To Your Pulse Points: Your pulse points are what activate the perfume due to the heat of your body. Top “Fragrance” pulse points are: behind the ears, behind the knees, inside your elbows, base of throat, wrist and ankles. You can also spray a few sprits of your perfume or cologne into your damp hair. Side note: DO NOT RUB the fragrance into your skin. Rubbing the fragrance into your skin will break down the fragrance molecules and weaken the scent.

Now, how to keep your fragrance fresh and from going stale? Store your fragrances in a cool environment, away from heat and sunlight. Keep them out of the bathroom, since the heat and humidity from the shower may damage the scent. Some research suggests to help prolong the lifespan of fragrances you should put them in the refrigerator!

I hope these few tips were helpful!

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