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Fragrances for the Gym

Posted by Priscilla V. on

You go to the gym to work hard and look your best so, why not smell your best? Aside from a good gym pump, give yourself a boost of confidence while working out by having a fragrance that smells so good people will forget that they are in the gym. If you want to start smelling good while looking good in the gym then keep reading to find out our top selling fragrance for men and women.

CK One by Calvin Klein is a clean simplistic fragrance, which makes it very easy to wear for women. This scent opens with a burst of citrus notes including pineapple, bergamot, lemon and orange. The fragrance unfolds into a delightful floral heart composed of jasmine, rose, violet and freesias with a slight hint of nutmeg. This perfume is inoffensive, which makes it perfect to wear to the gym. Not too strong or overpowering, just a peasant subtle scent every now and then. I promise this fragrance will become a staple item in your gym bag.

For men, Nautica Voyage evokes freshness with its opening notes of fresh apples and green leaves. The heart of the fragrance is blended with notes of mimosa, lotus and aquatic elements. Nautica Voyage closes on a more masculine level with notes of amber, oakmoss, cedar and musk. This scent works perfectly with hot weather because it allows the aquatic notes to really pop. Assuming that you work up a sweat while in the gym, this cologne will pair perfectly and give off a nice refreshing scent.

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