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Valentine’s Day is a holiday known to many as a day to express their love, passion and devotion to their significant other. It is also a time to express your love and gratitude to your friends, family and co workers. It is a day all hopeless romantics look forward to. Although it is important to express your love and appreciations for your loved ones every day, Valentine’s Day allows us to go that extra mile and do something that will be considered extremely thoughtful and special. It can create a memory that will last forever. 

Choosing the best fragrance for her

While picking a perfume for a woman or a cologne for a man can be tricky, it is not impossible. There are questions you must first ask yourself about the person you are giving this gift to. Is he/she sweet and shy? Or is their personality of a stronger and more powerful character? If you have the answers to these questions, it will make the process of picking and choosing the perfect gift for them! 

For the sweet and shy type of gal, one of our best sellers is  Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf

As the name itself suggests, it has floral tones, however, it also include sweet like candy tones! With notes such as jasmine and rose, and a splash of orchid and freesia, the notes combined make a perfect blend! 

I believe our next suggestion is self-explanatory:  Prady Candy by Prada!

With base notes of caramel and vanilla musk, it is the perfect gift your sweet special lady.

Is this woman a more sexy and strong type of woman? 

Well, how about gifting her  Hypnotic Poison by Dior 

This perfume would make an ideal present for the type of woman who enjoys standing out in a crowd. This perfume is strong and sexy. With notes of cinnamon spice and vanilla with a touch of almond, this woman will definitely catch some attention! 

Choosing the best fragrance for him

How about your special guy? 

Givenchy Gentlemen by Givenchy

This is the perfect cologne for the type of man who is modest, sweet, and has the best manners. Is he the type of guy who opens doors, pulls out chairs for you and knows how to treat you right? If you have said yes, to these questions, what better product to gift then cologne named specifically for a “gentleman”? This cologne has base notes of cinnamon, sandlewood, rose and carnation.

For the type of man who is dark and powerful,  Obsession by Calvin Klein is a great product for him

With spiced notes of coriander, carnation, vanilla and amber with a touch of cinnamon, this cologne would be most ideal for him. 

Fun Fact: If you or your special guy is a True Blood Fan, this cologne was predicted a cologne that would have been worn by the vampire Eric Northman! 

A sensual and pleasing cologne for men would be  Armani Code

With notes of leather and wood, this cologne is definitely considered a “manly man’s cologne”. It is known for not only the musky smell but also long lasting. The fact that it can be worn all year around and not just during the winter season as it also has undertones of bergamot and lemon.

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