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Posted by Krystel M on

Summer. Just hearing the word brings a big smile to my face. Who doesn’t enjoy the great weather? We can go to the beach, get a nice tan and then get beautified for the evenings out with the girls! (I think that’s my favorite part!) Now, there is no doubt when you’re hitting the town with your friends, you have to look and smell the part. One of our most popular summer perfumes at the moment is Flowerbomb by Viktor Rolf. This scent makes a woman feel classy, sophisticated. Glamorous. Flowerbomb has a floral, milk-like powdery undertone with main tones of Green Tea and Bergamot.

Do you enjoy working out in the early morning summer sun? If you do, I applaud you! While staying in shape is very important for our health, it's also important to have a positive mindset for the activities we partake in. A great perfume to help you feel energized during your day activities is Burberry Sport for Women perfume. With tones such as Sea Salt and Mandarin, it provides a sense of happiness and feeling alive! Base notes for this fragrance include: Honeysuckle, Musk and Cedar.

A great perfume for daily wear this summer is Escada Island Kiss. Now, this perfume is limited edition so you better grab one while you can! Escape Island Kiss can be described as sweet and fruity yet floral. It's perfect for a vibrant yet chic woman, who is always on the go! The main notes being: white flowers, mango, passion fruit and sweet raspberry, will leave you feeling cool and refreshed for the day ahead.

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